Decolonising Stellenbosch

I think Decolonising Stellenbosch would entail making courses available in more African languages such as Xhosa and Zulu as those are the most prominent African languages. The lecturers wouldn’t give the courses in those languages because the majority of Stellenboch students are proficient in English and Afrikaans but that Xhosa and Zulu translators be present during classes as well as providing course notes on Zulu and Xhosa. This might not be a large change but it would surely help for the sake of the argument. Online tests and quizzes should also have a Xhosa and Zulu option. I believe that this is a good way of broadening the language barriers some students have to face in Stellenboch University. Another method would be to make courses more available to students who are in poverty and making them pay less than other students depending on how much annual income they receive but that would put Stellenboch University in possible financial danger and is thus not the most probable solution which many students fail to see and grasp. Changing names of Stellenboch University buildings would make some students happy because a few of them being named after people in the apartheid era who were for apartheid but this does not change poverty but merely student outlook on Stellenboch University and is therefore irrelevant unless a vote was made in which students and lecturers/staff could vote on Stellenboch buildings to change their names. But as I said, this would create possibly more negative than positive reaction. In essence, Stellenboch University would benefit if it added African languages as an option in courses, lectures, quizzes and tests and would cause no harm except in terms of effort to provide for students but would benefit Stellenboch University in terms of providing for the various people that attend the university


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