Be the person you are in Real Life

It is known that people, especially the younger generations, use technology and social media as platforms to showcase themselves to the rest of the world. The images created on these platforms are usually just a small window to see into that individuals life and that window doesn’t represent the full truth of the life that he or she is living. Social media is used to create a specific lifestyle wich tricks people into believing that they have to live a life similar to those they see on Instagram or Facebook to fit in.
Yes, social media is an exceptional platform to stay connected and to see what happens in the lives of our long lost friends or family, etc, but it is each and every individuals responsibility to stay true to themselves through these sites and to stop boosting their confidence by the amount of likes or followers they have.
The digital world is one amazing place to raise opinions and to debate about certain critical points, but one should always remember that you can never erase what you wrote on the internet. Stay open minded when you comment on touchy subjects and stay focused on the discussion because one wrong word has the power to destroy an entire life and future.
People should be reminded that the digital world is still part of the real world. It’s not a fantasy world where one can do and say as they please. It’s not a place where you can post stuff and control the shares or views on your comments. By bullying on those platforms, or being racist and promoting vandalism and violence , etc can destroy futures because the web will always remember that messages.
The most important part would still be to stay true to yourself and morals. The internet gives us access to literally anything you ask for. It gives answers and it raises questions, There is no form of censorship when it comes to the stuff you can find, that is why people should act as responsible as a digital person and ignore videos that promotes violence, etc.
Be honest, but not rude, be honest about marks, even if you are afraid of the explosion my your parents and be responsible on the internet- the one thing that could end a life in seconds.
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