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With being an active digital citizen, comes responsibilities. All spheres of social media seem to be booming with various current affairs arising in Universities around South Africa. But what can we as digital citizens post? And what can’t be post?

Upon digging deeper into searching for the ‘perfect responsible digital citizen’, a few mutual and common characteristics came up. These characteristics or somewhat rules, help ensure a responsible media approach, and increase the likelihood of avoiding conflict and sharing somewhat of a common ground with other digital citizens.

First and foremost, one should respect themselves and others online. Such respect includes appropriate behavior and in general, being polite. A reduction in sarcasm is advisable due misinterpretation or understanding from others. Avoiding aggressive language is also encourage, no matter the situation or state of mind with regards to what you posting.

Another key concept is the exchanging of information properly. One should avoid posting personal information such as ID numbers, phone numbers, banking details etc.

Following the law is crucial when it comes to being an active digital citizen. Being on social media and having accounts, means that you are responsible and legally accountable for what you post or converse in. Being educated on copyrights and privacy laws important in knowing what you can share over social platforms. By law, you cannot download music illegally, send spam, and steal identity just to name a few. These actions are all illegal and punishable.

Ultimately, recognizing your own and others, rights and responsibilities puts you as a digital citizen in good stead to being a responsible digital citizen. Empathy for fellow digital citizens and having second thoughts before sharing online, remain crucial in your social media ‘life’. Avoiding negative comments and conversing is the easiest way to keep one being a responsible digital citizen.

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