What would decolonising SU entail?

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What would decolonising SU entail?

A theme often discussed in higher education is the decolonising project. What do you understand it to mean? And what are the implications for Stellenbosch University? Join the #SUopenconversation – share your thoughts in a Bonfiire blog, and tag it #MatieMatters.

Wat sou die dekolonisasie van die US behels?

‘n Belangrike tema in die hoëronderwys is die dekolonisasieprojek. Hoe verstaan jy dit? En wat is die implikasies vir die Universiteit Stellenbosch? Neem deel aan die #USoopgesprek – gee jou mening in ‘n Bonfiire blog en merk dit #MatieMatters.

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Equality through Decolonization

It is a relevant topic of discussion and somewhat of an idea thrown around by many South Africans and in particular, students at Universities and that is the decolonizing of Universities within South Africa, and […]

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